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When, where and how often should I call a moment in my app?

A 'moment' can be called during any in-app event. Finding the right moment to deliver Kiip rewards is essential to a successful integration. We're happy to work with you to find the best moments in your app.

We’ve found the most successful apps using Kiip often share the following qualities:

Send Kiip a minimum of one moment per user, per day
Ensuring at least one moment can be reached during a typical user session increases the likelihood of success with Kiip. On average, games tend to call more moments per user than apps in other genres.

Target true "achievement" moments
Try to identify and integrate Kiip at the natural pauses in your app or game where users have just completed an action. These happy moments are the best times to offer users rewards. Common moments include crossing a to-do off the list, completing a level, favoriting a song, logging a workout...the possibilities are endless. A weaker example of a moment placement is right when your app launches, as a user will not associate the reward with a sense of achievement or could be viewed as spam.

Target universal events 
Think about the key action that most users are completing in your app on a daily basis. Integrating Kiip at the completion of one or two of the key actions will often yield more moments and higher engagement rates than targeting a large quantity of niche achievements.

If you'd like assistance brainstorming the best moments for your app, feel free to contact us.
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